Thank you for volunteering as a PGMBA coach!

Coaches Meeting: October 25th 6pm at Foothills Elementary School (bring gym shoes)

Free coaching clinics from Engage Sport North:

Coaching Application

If you would like to volunteer to coach a team in the PGMBA, please complete the Coaching Application Form and email it to: 

Or you can register to be a coach using your PGMBA Registration RAMP Account: Coaches Registration

Coaching Discount:

  • coaches who commit to coaching a minimum of 80% of the sessions will receive a 50% refund for their player’s registration (maximum of 2 coaches per team can receive the discount)
  • coaches who want to help but can’t commit to 80% of the sessions are still encouraged to sign-up to coach but will not be eligible for the 50% refund
  • all coaches still need to complete the police information checks
  • the 50% refunds will be refunded in November or December 2023

Police Information Check (aka Criminal Record Check)

PGMBA volunteers are required to complete a Police Information Check (PIC-VS) which is valid for a three year period.

Police Information Check Procedure

Police Information Check Letter

Police Information Check Form (with PGMBA information)

Coaches Information

The Coaches Information Sheet for the season, including details about the Final Playday & Player Evaluations will be posted here:

Coaches Information Sheet

General Information

Representating the PGMBA: As a PGMBA coach you are a representative of the association. You are responsible for the youngsters assigned to your team and for the school facilities we use. These facilities are available to us at cost. Proper care must taken by us to ensure our use of these facilities in the future.

Access to the schools: Access to the schools will be by a School District 57 custodian who will open the door to allow us in and secure the school after we leave. If the school is locked 10 minutes prior to the start of the practice, call Bonnie at 250 640-0768 or Kelly at 250 565-4846 and explain that you are with PG Minor Basketball and are scheduled to be in the gym.

Access to the schools will be by a School District 57 custodian who will open the door to allow us in and secure the school after we leave. Call 561-6800 if the custodian does not show up on time.

Wear appropriate footwear: Ensure that all participants wear appropriate footwear. Players must wear running shoes with light coloured soles, not street shoes that will mark the floor. Encourage the removal of outdoor footwear outside the gym by both players and parents.

Keep players in the gym: Keep all players in the gym as much as possible and away from other areas of the school.

Possibility of team changes for players: Warn your players that during the first three weeks we may have to move them to a different team for better balance in the league.

Showing Teamsmanship: Emphasize to your players the importance of showing teamsmanship by always wearing their team jerseys. Players must wear their team jerseys during the game, however, exceptions may be made when necessary, but only if the player is wearing a like colored shirt.

Basketball storage: PGMBA basketballs will be kept in the school's locked storage facility and are available from the custodian. After the final session the coach(s) should collect the balls, put them in the bags and have the custodian place them in the locked storage facility.

Substitute coaches: Coaches are responsible to ensure that they have a substitute coach if they must be away.

Coach and player contact: Coaches will have no PGMBA mandated role or contact with players outside of the scheduled game and practice held each weekend as scheduled by the league.

Coaching Philosophy and Conduct

  • Coaching involves training by responsible people who are flexible and willing to continually learn and develop.
  • Emphasis should be on participation as well as competition. The building of good fundamental skills and developing a love for the game is our first objective.
  • Build positive attitudes, be positive rather than critical, and develop appropriate behavior.
  • Encourage team play on the floor.
  • Insist on the commitment by coaches and players to attend practices and games.
  • Be a resource person to your players, helping them develop their athletic and human potential.
  • Recognize individual differences in athletes and always think of the athlete's long-term best interests.
  • Each player should always receive equal floor time.
  • Drills should be fun and challenging and at a level that the player can accomplish.
  • Reinforce good sportsmanship as the number one priority; no booing, emphasize 3 cheers at the end of each game.
  • Respect for the referees, other coaches and players should be shown at all times. Be a good role model for the players.
  • While trying to treat all players as equals, recognize all children are not the same; respect their individual differences.
  • Coaches of both teams are expected to share refereeing of the games for the grade 3-4 and grade 5-6 division. A degree of instruction while officiating is recommended.
  • Reinforce good sporstmanship whenever possible.

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