PGMBA Schedule

All individual team schedules are posted on this page.  (Please scroll down.) 

Please note: PGMBA may need to move players in the first few weeks of the season to balance the League.

Click here for the Playday Schedule

Click here for the Photo Day Schedule

Click here for the UNBC Halftime Schedule

Note: You will find more information about playing at UNBC halftime on the Parents page, or from your coach.


Practices with UNBC Players and Coaches

UNBC Timberwolves Players and Coaches will join a few PGMBA practices in each division this season.

K-1 Teams

The Alley-Oops           The Slam Dunkers


Grades 2/3


The Dynamic Dribblers                    The Fast Breakers

The Buzzer Beaters                          The Super Shooters

Grades 4/5


The Coyotes                  The Vikes

The Gee-Gees                The Wesmen

Grades 6/7/8


The Jayhawks                          The Blue Devils

The Spartans                           The Badgers

The Wildcats                            The Tar Heels

The Blazers                              The Falcons

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